Daily Digest – October 26. Woman May Have Been Dragged To Her Death During Attempted Repossession

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WOMAN MAY HAVE BEEN DRAGGED TO HER DEATH DURING ATTEMPTED REPOSSESSION A possible attempted repossession may have led to the death of a woman in San Antonio last night. While police say it’s still not clear how she died, it appears as though she may have been dragged to her death. The woman was found lying in the street after the tow truck...

Daily Digest – October 19. Labor Department Suing Repossession Agency For Unpaid Wages

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LABOR DEPARTMENT SUING REPOSSESSION AGENCY FOR UNPAID WAGES The Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against ARS Ohio and its owner, Gary Finn and his wife, Karen Finn, to try and recover $41,323 in unpaid wages due to 30 current and former employees of the repossession agency. The agency is accused of failing to keep accurate records, failing...

Daily Digest – October 17. Chase Announces Higher Loan Volume, Losses; Man Gets Two More Years in Prison For Shooting At Agent

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CHASE ANNOUNCES HIGHER LOAN VOLUME, BUT ALSO HIGHER CHARGE-OFFS AND PROVISIONS FOR LOAN LOSSES JPMorgan Chase originated more than $9 billion of auto loans and leases during the third quarter, the bank announced on Friday, while reiterating its decision to no longer originated 84-month auto loans. The lender also announced that it was increasing...

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